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We are a familiar enterprise founded in  1929 and dedicated to the manufacture of wood prestigious’ boxes and casings. MESTRES S.A.U. has always been linked to the wine’s world due to the needs of the Penedès region.

It was founded by Antoni Mestres, and initially it produced only  carafes and basket-making related to the wine and  champagne’s world in general. According to the current  regulations of the moment, these carafes had to be protected with wood. It’s because of that  this material has always been  linked with the company until today. 


Our products have experienced different format’s changes throughout the years, since according to the changeable market’s needs we have had to adapt to these new trends. Nowadays we work for different sectors linked to: Wines and Champagne, Exhibitors, Nourishment, Gardening, Jeweler's, Others.


The experience of many years in high’s quality manufacture has allowed us to follow closely this evolution; it’s because of that our production’s philosophy is based on the constant improvement of the productive process, in order to reach the maximum quality in every product. It’s necessary to notice that our company fulfils the current sanitary’s wood regulations NIMF nº 15 with the Nº ES-08-0002 HT DB.


On this market we have always been pioneers in supports and interior’s designs, having also patented different hold’s systems for bottles. Our technical department is available to our clients because we know that it’s precisely this design the one that will differentiate and highlight the own character of every product.


The last generation’s machinery we’ve recently incorporated has allowed us to do things that were unimaginable to an industrial level only a few yers ago. Due to that we have been able to offer to our clients an improvement quality and presentation of all our products; always bearing in mind an environmental respect (the use of sustainable wood), and the current regulations fulfilment.
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C/ Cortina, 8 - 10
Tel: +34 637 419 508 - Fax: +34 938 170 370
08720 Vilafranca del Penedès (Barcelona)
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